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not bad

some of the changes were minute and nitpicky. especially on a lower brightness setting some of the changes were practically imperceptible. even after using the hint i couldn't see the difference i just clicked. other than that a pretty good game.

nice game

cool concept and fun gameplay!

I gave a ship the nuke =)

dinosaur mode =)

i really love this game! the controls are good, i love the challenge of the gun, and the music is also good. the voices however are superb! all in all a fun, short game. oh yeah and dinosaur mode, nice.


i do like this kind of game, and there were some very good parts about this one, the music choice for one was very good. however there were some things that could have made it a lot better, the background is static, even just a quick looping background would have been excellent. a morphing background would have been even better. other than that though, a very good game

nice tut!

very excellent tutorial! i wish i had seen this before i tried to make a gun. it would have looked much better and more realistic. you should make a followup tutorial about drawing guns with more complicated features. for example a belt fed machine gun on a tripod or how a top break revolver loads or some such thing. that would be awesome. even just a timelapse of you doing one would be sweet.

StealthBeast responds:

I did create a timelaps of me doing one. It was under "How to make the gun"

Go to Lesson Selector, then "Tracing demonstration".

As for things like Machine Guns and break-top revolvers? Not a bad idea. Who knows, maybe I'll make another.

nice retro game.

very fun and a joy to play. lots of different games but in the same retro style. very well done.

ok clock

the clock itself is really good but not really all that complicated. if you want it to be a satisfactory minigame you should add more functions such as changeing the background or setting the timezone. i'm sure that the game will be great.

Filecreator responds:

Except for the fact that it isnt that much of a minigame, more like an app to tell the time on :)
Still, ill take it into consideration!


this really portrays the size spectrum very well. I also really like how when you zoom out it portrays that one is inside of the other not just floating around near it. great job!

so addicting...

really fun game! you should add a spedometer though and medals for that too. that would be awesome!

nice game!

really fun series of games! and delightfully evil to boot!

whenever i take multiple choice tests i always feel like i need to answer 3 d, even if it's wrong.

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