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this is so great

It reminds me of the style of star trek, the beautiful over the top compositing, the huge bokeh, the animation is just top notch. a really good flash!


I love their faces!


this is great!

The action is so fast, so active and so fluid. the fight scenes are awesome and the music is outstanding! the ending to was so good! it makes the whole series seem to come together better.

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not bad

some of the changes were minute and nitpicky. especially on a lower brightness setting some of the changes were practically imperceptible. even after using the hint i couldn't see the difference i just clicked. other than that a pretty good game.

nice game

cool concept and fun gameplay!

I gave a ship the nuke =)

dinosaur mode =)

i really love this game! the controls are good, i love the challenge of the gun, and the music is also good. the voices however are superb! all in all a fun, short game. oh yeah and dinosaur mode, nice.

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it really has that, was it worth it, kind of feel. are you really where you want to be? is this really what you wanted? all you ever wanted and more, but did you ever really want it in the first place? look at what you sacrificed. are you the person you want to be? is this the life you want to live?


it almost sounds like something from the portal 2 ost at the beginning. but then it morphs to your signature style. very excellent.

cool intro

I really like all of your modern 8 bit songs!

in this one in the beginning with the large panning and then the centralization (?) of the lead synth really makes it feel like they collided and exploded. really cool mental image.

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so true

unfortunately this is my birthday present every year. we always start school here on the eighth, and guess when my birthday is...

anyway, great art, and the description couldnt be more true.

i cant help but say...


am i right? it really does look like that face. but in all seriousness, nice picture. the anatomy looks really good, and the comic book effect is well done. the only problem is how empty the whole thing is, most of the picture is just empty. other than that though this is a really good piece.


pretty good!

the only real thing wrong with it that i can really see is the edges on pretty much all of it look pretty bad. maybe turn up the samples on your antialliasing. if you are using alpha mapping at all turn on full sample antialliasing and also choose to premultiply the texture alpha. this should fix your edge problem.

toshema responds:

Yeah, I see what you are saying, thanks for the advice !!

whenever i take multiple choice tests i always feel like i need to answer 3 d, even if it's wrong.

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