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this is so great

It reminds me of the style of star trek, the beautiful over the top compositing, the huge bokeh, the animation is just top notch. a really good flash!


I love their faces!


this is great!

The action is so fast, so active and so fluid. the fight scenes are awesome and the music is outstanding! the ending to was so good! it makes the whole series seem to come together better.


i like how the box maintains the same constant weight throughout the lift, the roll and the lift are both met with the appropriate amount of opposition. and the face was a nice touch. i cant quite give you a ten seeing as it is so short, but it is still really good.

a little scary

sometimes life really scares me. the fact that someone could put that much time into, basically nothing, is a really scary idea.

about the flash... it was good and there was a great deal of feeling and meaning behind it. i really do believe that video games are bittersweet. i like videogames. ive been to video game parties, and i think that as long as we dont overdo it, video games are awesome. oh and by the way nice use of the avatar soundtrack. although it did get a little loud by the end.


it really is wonderful! i love how well this puts its message across, without words. the score is beautiful and so is the animation. the only problem i saw was that you said ausotesk instead of Autodesk in the credits. ;P


this is so professional! the art is beautiful, and the animation is very smooth. there is so much action and movement, such as the crowds and the camera was so dynamic, it looked like a real music video, in animated form! all in all an amazing animation.


call me morbid, but this makes me laugh every time! the only other thing that i thing that i think you should have done is ninjas. the guy would have just been standing there and all of a sudden he just collapses. the ninja materializes out of like nowhere and then the black screen comes on, "oh yeah. they're that good."

I love this!

This has got to be one of the best animated things that i have ever seen! i love how good the artwork is. the expressions are really good and, well, expressive, without overdoing it. the artwork itself is phenomenal, the colors are vibrant and very alive without feeling garish, except in some cases on the zombies where the garish looked good. the animation is incredibly smooth and well done with great posing and action. The music was really good, and despite how happy it was the entire time the expressions and posing were good enough that no one had to say anything and i could tell exactly what everyone was feeling. all around a perfect short!


A top notch animation! The entire thing is quite cohesive and each part flows extremely well into the next. there are no strange camera cuts or general choppiness to speak of and overall it is very pleasing to watch. The intro credits especially were very cinematic, and the movie did not disappoint either. solid action and very good movement. good marks all around.

whenever i take multiple choice tests i always feel like i need to answer 3 d, even if it's wrong.

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