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it really has that, was it worth it, kind of feel. are you really where you want to be? is this really what you wanted? all you ever wanted and more, but did you ever really want it in the first place? look at what you sacrificed. are you the person you want to be? is this the life you want to live?


it almost sounds like something from the portal 2 ost at the beginning. but then it morphs to your signature style. very excellent.

cool intro

I really like all of your modern 8 bit songs!

in this one in the beginning with the large panning and then the centralization (?) of the lead synth really makes it feel like they collided and exploded. really cool mental image.

sounds familiar

this is great stuff!

it really reminds me of some of the nitrome soundtracks.


this is great! it has such a good atmosphere... i cant even explain it, but it sounds really full and dynamic. really great sound!


i can see why someone paid for this song, it is amazing! so what did they use it for? whatever it is i want to see it, because if the movie is half as good as this song it will truly be something to behold!

love it!

i love how happy this sounds! this is a really great tune! it is fast, and definitely lends itself to a boss, but at the same time is really happy! almost reminds me of some of the earlier sonic bosses. i dunno.


I was always a fan of acapella, and this is really good! nice job. but wasn't this in the game trailer collab?

FolegAlmighty responds:

Hah, dude, I had no idea it was in the Collab until you told me. Sweeeeet!

nice start

you have some really great stuff here! however, it is really short. what i would recommend for you to do would be to develop your transitions. the transition from the first section to the second at :11 is way too sudden. you add multiple layers at once and it is just too much. the second synth along with the change in drums gives the feeling of a different song. maybe draw it out into two steps. first add on the synth and then build the drums. the second transition (:28) is also very sudden. work on your transitions and elongate and you could have a real top notch piece! oh and you might want to try downloading some new drum synths.

livewiresound13 responds:

The edited version I put up is way different from the first version I posted, so the transitions should be a lot smoother, but I'll keep that in mind when I use some of my old ideas in new songs. Thanks!


i usually dont like 8 bit songs, but this one is really something special! i can really see a story going along with this one, lemme see...

a large frigate, iodized blue, full of normal people just doing their jobs, then out of nowhere small red ships everywhere! sirens blare, the ship swerves engines blasting a trail of blue fire! the red ships, made for speed easily catch up and pass the frigate, exchanging blasts from hidden lazers. the ship rocks and shakes. they, although smaller than the frigate, are well armed. they surround it and begin to blast it out of space. small pods containing boarding crews fire off and latch onto the blue ship! the pirates fill the ship, fighting shooting, pillaging! they take it, and leave. the sole reason for the frigates voyage! retreating to their ship the pirates blast away into the starry oblivion leaving as fast as they arrived, taking mankind's only hope with them. the crew stands on the deck of their burning ship and stare into the stars after the pirates, thinking about their future. the fires on deck rage on as the ship turns toward where the pirates disappeared to. everything shakes as they blast into the whirlwind vortex of hyperspace after the thieves! the crew reacts as if hit by a bucket of cold water. everyone is doing everything at once, patching holes, putting out fires, shouting directions as they blast onward toward their goal. on the way they begin to meet different red ships, ready for them the frigate attacks and defeat them. nearing the red ships they seek there are more and more of the red ships, after each success the crew is able to salvage enough from the red ships to make their ship that much better. finally they leave hyperspace and emerge next to the red ships they seek, amidst an asteroid field and a massive black hole. the enemies regard each other for a moment before blasting into action! the smaller red ships outmaneuver the larger frigate, but are no match for its swiveling guns! they dodge in and out of the spinning chunks of space rock, only delaying the inevitable. soon there is nothing left of them but sparking wreckage, and a small glittering object floating in space, soon to be retrieved...

or something like that.

whenever i take multiple choice tests i always feel like i need to answer 3 d, even if it's wrong.

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