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you have such good clearly defined characters in your larry series. i really am amazed by how much this really is larry and something he would totally do. Awesome comic, very funny and totally accurate! keep up the awesome series.


as usual your art blows me away. the line art in this piece is truly amazing! I especially like the animal head on the front. the many windows and roofs on the ship give a feeling of life and busyness to the piece as well as the vibrant colors. the background also is amazing and fits very well with the ship. Well done!

Kamikaye responds:

Hey thanks man :) The animal head was more of a filler first in the sketch but it seems that it worked out well :D

very nice!

the actual model is very good! the skin is shaded very well and the hands are very well modeled and as a 3d animator i really understand how hard that is to get right. the only thing that i could suggest is to use a hair shader on the ground to make grass and also to be carful about the size of your base plane and how it connects to the sky. it is pretty obvious that he is not on a continuous background. other than that great job! i will have to try to make a model of bitey as well he looks like a lot of fun.

Manuel-Dangelo responds:

In fact I didn't even try to fit the base with the back ground. when I make serious renders I tend to affect the ground with a "noise" effect plus adding the green "fur" for the grass. the thing is that all that work for a basic model would be a waste.
Ones I have the bones in place I'll start working on poses, lights and adding some foliage to the behavior so it looks like a real 3D scene.

Amazing Stuff!

I really love the added touch of the green anodized pieces. they really make the entire piece feel more advanced and add awesome accents! the entire piece is amazingly done and it has almost the feel of a twenty third century rube goldburg machine... that would be really cool. this image is incredibly pleasing to look at and your eyes flow smoothly from one piece to another. Amazingly well done!

pure wonder

the excellent use of lighting and textures lends this peace a feeling of freedom, of strangeness, its beauty is great yet terrible. i really want to see how you do these awesome space pics. great job!

holy cow!

you did that with a trackpad! very nice. despite some previously pointed out atonomic flaws your art is perfect. very nice simple lineart with few distracting things, excellent coloring job and use of texture and the pose looks very natural. great job!

very good 3d art!

I am a 3d artist as well and really recognize how much work goes into these kinds of things. There are very good materials on the gem and also the copper part but in my opinion the barrel is a little bit plain. I don't know what software you are using but perhaps you could increase the specularity and add a bump map. even just adding another light just to illumenate the barrel might be good so that you get really good highlights. like you said it is supposed to be really shiny. also the trigger appears to be backwards. the curve should face the other way. great art!


Amazing art! this piece has great feeling and depth as well as excellent execution with the actual line art and coloring. the only thing that I think needs improvement is the shadows. she has the blinds down but those slits in them make for very interesting shadows. also like LegolaSS said her face and hand need to be lighter and you could even add some shading to the outside of her face around her hair and on the back of her hand to heighten the effect. Having said that, amazing work!

Another amazing work!

this piece of art just blows my mind. the pose of the character is so natural and the textures and shading look so good that it just blows me away. over that it also has a slightly stylized look to it which also adds to the pictures quality. the setting of this picture and the contents are so well thought out and well executed that you not only see a picture, but an entire story, an entire world, just ready to be explored by an avid adventurer. once again you astound me. amazing work.


I really admire not only your drawing skills, which are amazing, but also your ability to take a drawing and bring it to life with amazing posing, good background/ mid ground/ background separation and depth of field. you make the audience not only see and admire the art but also the story behind it. also your acute sense of comedy is really admired because it makes this drawing not overly serious and gives it a sense of fun as well as being great art and i feel like many great artists forget to do that. Amazing job!

whenever i take multiple choice tests i always feel like i need to answer 3 d, even if it's wrong.

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