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this is amazing!

I envy you. I cannot hope to make anything half as good as this in photoshop or blender. or maya or any other program. this is so cool. do you use custom brushes to get the texture effect on the stars surface? I really love the glow effect that goes out from the star on both sides. also the halo effect really adds to it. The solar flares on the surface also really add to the realism. You should really think about making a making of video of some of your works. or a screen capture or something.

amazing architecture

this work really makes me feel as if i am standing looking through a window at this bridge. it looks structurally sound and also aesthetically pleasing. the curved buildings remind me of a skyscraper I saw once. they also look sound and like something that you might see around like tokyo or something. there are many arcs and good support systems that add a lot to the realism of it. the lights also add to the effect. great job!

love the cigarette

the cigarette really focuses the attention of the viewer on the person and makes the mood much more what i thought you wanted it to be; longing for a better future in the sky. also the cigarette lends the background a more surreal faraway look. another amazing work!

pure epic-ness!

This poster is extremely well drawn and fun to look at. there are plenty of details to enhance the main idea and keep you interested while the original idea is rich and creative. Excellent execution, keep up the great work!

awesome art!

the blurb and the title combined really makes the drawing that much better. the whole thing is amazing!

Zigan responds:

thanks :)

bitey got busted!

awesome picture man! love the overall color wash with the snow. really makes it look very good.


I love the streaks of light and the shading on the trees. also the mist adds a lot to the realism. great work!

love it!

I love how it is a gigantic ship but yet you managed to make it look stealthy and mysterious. great art!

amazing use of shading on the main dwarf!

love the whole idea of this picture but my favorite part by far is the dwarf in front.

Kamikaye responds:

thx , the idea is on JAZZA though ;)


I wish trees like that existed in real life.

whenever i take multiple choice tests i always feel like i need to answer 3 d, even if it's wrong.

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