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pretty good!

the only real thing wrong with it that i can really see is the edges on pretty much all of it look pretty bad. maybe turn up the samples on your antialliasing. if you are using alpha mapping at all turn on full sample antialliasing and also choose to premultiply the texture alpha. this should fix your edge problem.

toshema responds:

Yeah, I see what you are saying, thanks for the advice !!


the texturing is really well done. i really like the worn look of the gun. the modeling is also solid and the gun looks good. the only thing that i would change is that the depth of field is a little overdone. maybe increase the f stop a little.

Great-Rambo responds:

i'm glad you enjoyed, I'll change de depth. Actually, when you work on something for lon days... you don't see any mistakes anymore, so thanks a lot, I'll do this.


this is amazing! the color pallet and attention to detail are just flawless. a true piece of art!

AlvinHew responds:

Thanks so much!

nice eye!

very nice detail.

toshema responds:

Thank you ^_^ !!!


really good!

I really like how it looks like 2d art with really good perspective. another thing i am really a fan of is how it looks good despite its size. one thing that i am really guilty of in my 3d art is rendering wayyy too big of an image. i try to pack in so much detail i feel bad downsizing at all, so the story is lost. there is none of that here. it gives its feelings and message all in one small visually appealing package.

nice job.

Izzy-A responds:

I was thinking of expanding it by putting it into a bigger environment, but people said it was fine on its own


i dont entirely know why...

but i have completely fallen in love with this picture!

StickDinosaur responds:

Cool, feel free to look at it some more if you want

i envy you

mine is disappearing at an amazing pace.

nice picture btw.

zappawadda responds:

Thanks! I love your style, so that means a lot.

really nice!

I really enjoy looking at this city! my favorite part has to be the shape of the lights. most people think of lights in cities as lots of little pinpricks from individual square windows, however you really captured a more realistic feel with the rectangular windows. Also the colors are really good. the purple and orange lights go together really well. i also like how the water is mostly undefined. there isn't a definitive boundary and, while ordinarily that would be bad, it looks amazing in this picture. the only thing i can find wrong with it is the moon, it seems a little too sharp. I am not sure exactly how you made it, but it looks almost cut out. maybe a bit of blur could help that. other than that though great job!

BenTibbetts responds:

Thanks very much! I'll see what I can do about blurring up the moon a bit.


once again your art is just perfection. I really like this piece especially, because it is not only amazingly detailed and fun to look at, but just looking at it you can tell that you didn't go way overboard. for example the rooftops of the cabins, especially the far ones are the perfect balance between detailed and not. they look realistic without looking photorealistic. i could look at this all day!

AlvinHew responds:

So glad you like it! Thanks for the review.

very nice b movie poster!

sweet concept! i am trying to submit something but cant seem to think of a good enough idea. anyway, back to yours... the only thing i would change if you could would be to maybe change the text to "they told us that pluto wasn't a planet... we never should have believed them." i also really like the font. what font is it? great poster overall!

Aetolon responds:

I prefer my text because it sort off implies that "we were wrong", "inferior" etc, but also because Pluto still wouldn't be a planet, whether they believed it or not.
The name of the font is "Nasalization" btw.

whenever i take multiple choice tests i always feel like i need to answer 3 d, even if it's wrong.

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