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so true

unfortunately this is my birthday present every year. we always start school here on the eighth, and guess when my birthday is...

anyway, great art, and the description couldnt be more true.

i cant help but say...


am i right? it really does look like that face. but in all seriousness, nice picture. the anatomy looks really good, and the comic book effect is well done. the only problem is how empty the whole thing is, most of the picture is just empty. other than that though this is a really good piece.


pretty good!

the only real thing wrong with it that i can really see is the edges on pretty much all of it look pretty bad. maybe turn up the samples on your antialliasing. if you are using alpha mapping at all turn on full sample antialliasing and also choose to premultiply the texture alpha. this should fix your edge problem.

toshema responds:

Yeah, I see what you are saying, thanks for the advice !!


the texturing is really well done. i really like the worn look of the gun. the modeling is also solid and the gun looks good. the only thing that i would change is that the depth of field is a little overdone. maybe increase the f stop a little.

Great-Rambo responds:

i'm glad you enjoyed, I'll change de depth. Actually, when you work on something for lon days... you don't see any mistakes anymore, so thanks a lot, I'll do this.


this is amazing! the color pallet and attention to detail are just flawless. a true piece of art!

AlvinHew responds:

Thanks so much!

nice eye!

very nice detail.

toshema responds:

Thank you ^_^ !!!


really good!

I really like how it looks like 2d art with really good perspective. another thing i am really a fan of is how it looks good despite its size. one thing that i am really guilty of in my 3d art is rendering wayyy too big of an image. i try to pack in so much detail i feel bad downsizing at all, so the story is lost. there is none of that here. it gives its feelings and message all in one small visually appealing package.

nice job.

Izzy-A responds:

I was thinking of expanding it by putting it into a bigger environment, but people said it was fine on its own


pretty good. I really like your rubber texture, it is beautiful. the modeling is good. the level of detail is excellent. i really like the addition of the bolts holding on the front of the train. however your reflectivity is way too high. even to the point where it is hard to see the modeling in the interior of the train. everything is so smooth and shiny. maybe add a bump map, or just turn down the reflectivity. but right now it is too reflective. other than that it is a really good picture.


i dont entirely know why...

but i have completely fallen in love with this picture!

StickDinosaur responds:

Cool, feel free to look at it some more if you want


how do you make such good metal textures!!!

I really envy that. the modeling is smooth and realistic, the edges of the sword aren't entirely straight which is good, the textures are excellent, with one exception, the specularity on the main blade of the sword looks almost low rez when inspected closely, especially compared to that on the gold. unzoomed however it looks amazing! also the symbols on the main blade i feel like should end before the handle, maybe just take off the last character. overall a really good model!

whenever i take multiple choice tests i always feel like i need to answer 3 d, even if it's wrong.

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